About Us

The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy (DJCLPP) is a scholarly publication that examines legal issues at the intersection of constitutional litigation and public policy. The Journal serves as both a practical resource for lawyers, judges, and legislators who confront cutting-edge constitutional and public policy issues and a forum for intellectual discourse surrounding these issues. The Journal aims to enhance the community’s understanding of constitutional law and public policy and to arm practitioners with arguments and proposals for reform.

The Journal regularly publishes an online edition — the “Sidebar” — with timely comments on topical trends and current subjects of constitutional law and public policy. The Sidebar provides a forum for students, professors, practitioners, judges, and policy-makers to discuss trends in the law via brief essays, notes, and commentaries that we can quickly publish. The Journal also cooperates heavily with Duke Law School’s Program in Public Law to provide both commentators’ remarks and shortened versions of Journal articles for the Program’s use and publication.

The Journal publishes two issues a year, with a symposium issue in the fall and a spring issue containing traditional law review articles, as well as practical or policy related essays, notes, and remarks by practitioners, judges, legislators, students, professors, and authoritative commentators. Authors interested in publishing with DJCLPP should submit articles, notes, and essays to clj-submissions@law.duke.edu

Authors interested in publishing with DJCLPP in the Sidebar should submit works that are both timely and short (3-15 pages) to CLJ with a subject line of “For Sidebar Publication.”

Interested Duke Law students should contact the Editor-in-Chief to find out more about becoming a member of the Journal.

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